West Country Trees | About Us

Here at West Country Trees Ltd we are a British based Christmas Tree Grower and Wholesaler. We are a family run business that amongst us has years experience in the Christmas Tree Growing and wholesale business. We can meet any demand or order. Deliveries throughout the UK & Europe are usual destinations for us during the season, giving us an impeccable record for delivering absolute quality on time.

Having plantations located in the Scottish Highlands, Suffolk and Devon we really do spread ourselves across the British isles. The majority of our cut trees travel down from our Scottish plantation whilst our Potted & Pot Grown Trees are from our growing nursery in Suffolk East Anglia. We have a unique growing system were we cultivate our trees from seedlings in shaded netted tunnels, after a series of re-potting stages after a number of growing seasons, we end up with superb Pot Grown Trees ready for sale, or young trees ready to be planted in our fields.

We offer an impressive range of wholesale Christmas Tree services, products and packing systems to meet any customer’s requirements. We primarily supply Garden Centres, large Supermarkets, Hotels and Independent Traders. We also offer a professional tree decorating service, erecting and de-erecting Christmas Trees of any height and grade with decoration to any specification.

With such a wide range of variety and a presence across multiple sites in Britain, we really are determined to satisfy every single customer with the highest quality of service. Keeping our customers businesses thriving is in our best interest for future seasons to come. It is incredibly important to us that our customers are happy with our services.