Our Markets | British Grown Christmas Trees

Supermarkets & Large Scale Retail

We handle a huge demand for specifically packed trees from leading supermarkets and other large scale retail operations. Our trees can be delivered to our customers with packing and branding customised to suit their specific requirements.

We have extensive experience in dealing with very large scale demand from well-known retail organisations. Our plantations are set up to handle very large orders, with the option of deliveries being made directly from the plantation facility. Our standing pallets hold around 24 trees of any grades and height, offering an attractive and simple way of displaying the product on a shop floor. The pallets are easily transported, and can be moved into place with little effort via forklift or pump truck.

Furthermore, we can supply trees on our Danish Trollies. Our trollies hold 7-8 trees, packed standing up, pressed and tied into position. This ensures trees are easily moved on the shop floor by hand, whilst still providing an attractive display.


We also serve numerous wholesalers with Christmas Trees, including Wholesale markets, plant and flower cash and carry businesses and general Christmas Tree trade wholesalers.

Our yard in Woodbridge, Suffolk is the hub of our wholesale operation. From this facility we supply a huge number of trees throughout the South and beyond. For buyers our yard is the perfect place to see the quality of our trees, pick out stock for their order, and even grade the trees for themselves. Stock can even be reserved and delivered as required, offering a totally transparent approach.

Garden Centres & Traders

We provide Garden Centres and other traders with a large range of trees. Many small retailers & traders take our trees including non-branded supermarkets, farm shops and market traders. We supply orders, large and small throughout the UK and Europe.